remember that.

miércoles, noviembre 23, 2011

just gonna stand there and watch me burn
because i love the way it hurts,
because i still loving
and smiling
for myself.

together, we move mountains, let's not make mountains out of molehills, 
you hit me twice, yeah, but who's countin'? 
but together, we'll live forever.

because day by day, i can't stop smilling thinking how wonderful is my life and myself. because i love them in the best and the worst way, because when they touch me i can scream at them not touch me, but if they go, i'm go like a lost puppy. because i have an apettite of destruction but i love everything so much, even if myself is destroyed and my heart left. even when the sky become only black. even when my face is wet for my dry tears. even if they hurt me or broke the reality, promises, the future. even if i burn off your car, your eyes, your life. even if the war is inside of me or behind of us. even i'm drunk and i scream "fuck you" or white it with sparkling lights in the air, giving you myself, my own, everything.
because i can be difficult, egoist, problematic, confused, crazy... but, believe my honey when i say what everything that i have is yours.

1 comentario

  1. I do. I really do believe you 'cause you make me feel it. And you make me wanting to give it all to you too. That's why I do it.

    Thank you.